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Inside RightCocktail Brunch Dietary laws observedRabbi Abraham z”l & Yospa Lieberman and Family Temple Beth El 350 Roxbury Road, Stamford, CTJoin us in celebration of the educational legacy ofSunday, April 15, 2018 at 11:00amKeter Shem Tov Award Keynote Speaker Founder of the National Jewish Outreach Program and a Leader in Jewish Outreach in America TodayRabbi Ephraim BuchwaldAri & Rica Lieberman
Inside LeftLieberman LegacyAt this year’s annual Jewish High School of Connecticut Gala, the school is honoring the educational and community legacy of Rabbi Abraham, z”l & Yospa Lieberman and Family. After helping to build institutions of Jewish education throughout the country, Rabbi Abraham Lieberman, z”l, and his family settled in Stamford, Connecticut in the early 1980s. Becoming involved with Bi-Cultural Day School, Rabbi Abraham, z”l, and Yospa Lieberman went about cementing an educational legacy for themselves and their family, both here in Connecticut and across the country and world. Ari & Rica LiebermanJHSC is proud to honor Ari and Rica Lieberman with our Keter Shem Tov Award for all that they give of themselves to JHSC and to the greater Jewish community of southern Connecticut. The Liebermans are proud to receive this award in recognition of their family’s contribution to vibrant Jewish life in Stamford, mi’dor l’dor.The Jewish High School of Connecticut (“JHSC”) moved to Stamford, CT in 2014. Founded by a group of educators and community leaders, JHSC prides itself on its commitment to nurturing future leaders of the Jewish community and the world. The JHSC philosophy is to actively engage students as partners in their own education, and to consciously connect intellectual creativity with responsible action (Midrash and Ma’asseh). Through a challenging Jewish and secular program, with an emphasis on being a mentsh, JHSC students graduate with a profound understanding of history, texts and the responsibility to be an engaged and compassionate citizen of the world.Jewish High School of Connecticut
Cover BackHost CommitteeRicky Arbron, Co-ChairHoward Wolfe, Co-ChairBob AbramsSima BrozaSharon Broza-StoneGala CommitteeCheryl Bader Corinne ChapmanZiona DoftDavid GiverRhonda GreifJodi HadgeAli HurwitzRabbi Elisha PaulRandie WeseleyShana YakubovichDoris ZelinskyJHSC Board of TrusteesMark AppelStephanie BeckerAndrew BeinMimi CohenMark FellerSusan Birke FiedlerSteven FraadePhilip GlickCaryn HalbrechtLeon HannaDan HaronJosh HurwitzAndrew LustbaderCraig PriceJo-Ann PriceBob ShermanFay SheppardFred SpringerRandie WeseleyDoris Zelinsky

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We will be creating a journal in honor of Rabbi Abraham z”l and Yospa Lieberman and Family as well as recipients of the Keter Shem Tov award, Rica & Ari Lieberman. The journal will be displayed during the Gala and will be showcased throughout 2018 on the school website.

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